• Crowd at the YMCA groundbreaking
  • Children having a tea party
  • Slick and Kochly Store
  • Carriage on Scott's Block
  • People sitting on a bench by Reuss State Bank
  • Members of the Naperville Light Guard Band
  • Members of the Naperville High School basketball team
  • Children at the Naper Academy
  • People standing on the Main Street Bridge
  • Photograph of the Kendig family
  • Joseph Naper
  • Float in a homecoming parade
  • Henry J. Durrand storefront
  • DuPage River
  • Two Civil War soldiers
  • People swimming at the Centennial Park Beach
  • Carriage Shop storefront
  • People on a picnic at Burlington Park
  • Workers in the Blacksmith Shop
  • People getting ready for the bicycle race

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