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Dec 04

Meet Ella King

Posted on December 4, 2020 at 11:55 AM by Denise Cartina

HERstory Nomination Ella King

"Empathic, kind, sincere, direct, appreciative, and driven…Just a few words many have said to describe Naperville School District 203 student, Ella King. She puts God first...2nd place Bible Bowl Team Winner-2018, Christian Education Certificate holder, Junior High School/AP level 4.0 student, Naperville’s first black female student grant co-writer with an accepted program & award participant through the Naperville Education Foundation- NEF. She is affectionately known in certain circles as the 'Beebe Dine Girl' by fellow classmates. The project made sure that at Beebe Elementary, no student was left to eat or be on the playground on their own, to make all students feel welcome and encourage empathy in students. Karen Amundsen, a teacher, and co-writer of the grant along with Ella King, became award-winning recipients of the 2018 NEF WOW! Prize for the Social-Emotional Learning category aka SEL. Ella remains an advocate for the program and stays in touch with Ms. Amundsen via email to check in on the status of the program. (Beebe Elementary School’s -Dine 4 The Better, empathy awareness program). 

Recently, as of 8/2020, Ella was inducted into the National Honor Society for Dance Arts  (NHSDA) - in addition, a ballet team prospect with a focus on 'pointe' dance levels, debate team prospect with a focus on mock court trials, 1st chair-lead viola-insist, Girl Scout actively pursuing silver award status, a lover of cooking, baking, miniatures collecting, and riding her bike. She loves Naperville and looks forward to starting High School in the upcoming fall. Learn more about Ella in this video here: https://youtu.be/fGEm_6au9Aw "

Nominated by Jordan King