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Oct 07

[ARCHIVED] Meet Silvia Vega

The original item was published from October 7, 2020 12:23 PM to October 26, 2020 9:24 AM

"I met Silvia, eight years ago and she is an admirable mom, friend and community service role model in many ways. She is one of the few people who sees no barrier or limitation to help others.  Those who know Silvia have the privilege to say they know someone with an immense heart. Her priority is to help others in every aspect of her life. To highlight just some of the amazing things she does we can start with the most current yet endless expressions of love that Silvia shares with her community. During COVID-19 19 in March of 2020 she voluntarily reached out to community members she knew that needed the school lunch program to make it through. The trust she has built with people quickly made her busy delivering food every day of the week to families in need within the community. She also organized with many of us neighbors to assist with groceries and clothes to families.  

One of Silvia’s passions is creating groups to assist other neighbors while respecting their privacy and delivering said assistance directly to them. The community comes together when Silvia reaches out. She has cooked meals and provides them to those who are sick as well. She is currently co-president of the middle school PTSA, not shying away from leadership opportunities that reach even more people during this trying time. She also seems to find time to help people who need care for their pets offering to comfort them in their homes in such a tenderly and loving way. 

Silvia also works with senior citizens through a Naperville agency and through private duty. She often helps neighbors with her caring heart like when our neighbor was in a car accident, she visited her every day to help change her bandages, ensure she had her neck brace on correctly, her pressure socks on and her dog walked. Silvia was also the recipient of the Equity Champion award from The Parent Diversity Advisory Council because she translates for monolingual families within the schools, helps said families to be able to volunteer in the school with support and surprise their children during field trips and reading in classrooms while Silvia translates the book to the English-speaking students while the parent reads in Spanish. 

I nominate her because she is the Naperville inspiring woman that eludes love and service for this community, an example and role model for many here in Naperville."

Nominated by Marita Valdizan