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Meet the Naperville women making history right now! This blog highlights the stories of Naperville women nominated by the community through the HERstory campaign. 

Sep 16

Meet Jane Temple

Posted on September 16, 2020 at 10:45 AM by Denise Cartina

HERstory Nomination Jane Temple

"I'd like to nominate 10 year old Jane Temple who has spent her 'lock-down summer' making fairy garden planters, selling them locally, and donating the proceeds to local businesses that are struggling due to the pandemic and protests. Based on the information I have seen on Facebook, it would seem as though she has made HUNDREDS of planters up to now, and she has recently begun making and selling an autumn/Halloween version. The orders just keep coming! I am so impressed to see a child who is so driven and focused at such a young age, and I think she should be commended. Her community is very proud of her, just as I'm sure her family is."

Nominated by Ellie Martin

Additional information written by Shelly Temple, Jane's mother:
"Jane Temple started serving her community at the age of 3, decorating pumpkins for the resident’s at St. Patrick’s Residence. In a few short years she has organized many youth services projects with her siblings and friends. These projects have gathered up to 300 children at a time participating in projects that give back to her community and have raised over $56,000 in donations. When the schools closed due to the pandemic, Jane helped by having weekly zoom meetings creating new ideas to give back to the community with her friends. These included making Easter baskets for children at a local foodbank and providing snack bags at several local shelters. As summer approached and social distancing was still in place, Jane came up with new ways to entertain herself. She began to make fairy gardens in hanging baskets and sold 250 of them donating all the profits to businesses in Naperville struggling due to COVID and the looting.  Summer came to an end, and Jane had requests for a fall/Halloween themed fairy garden from many of the generous people that had participated in the fundraiser. She hopes to make and sell as many as time allows for this fall, but she has already started to work on a winter themed fairy garden! Thank you so much to Ellie Martin for recognizing and nominating Jane!"

Sep 16

Meet Cathy Subber

Posted on September 16, 2020 at 10:21 AM by Denise Cartina

HERstory Nomination Cathy Subber

"Dr. Cathy Subber is a shining example of a Naperville Woman. She not only runs a very successful chiropractic practice in town (Advanced Health of Naperville) and parents two teenage boys, but she is also somewhat of a 'Mother Hen' in Naperville and surrounding communities. She runs and moderates The Branch Moms, which now includes a website, a variety of Facebook groups, and a television show called the Moms Network on NCTV17. The Branch Moms serves largely as a forum where moms can ask and answer questions about pediatricians, contractors, paint colors, favorite restaurants, job opportunities, fertility, and parenting, and aims to make every mom feel welcome which is something that is so needed in such a family-oriented city. It would blow us all away if we knew how many essential friendships have formed because of The Branch Moms! In addition, Dr. Cathy has recently started a new podcast and blog called Socket which focuses on helping people let go of parts of their lives which no longer serve them, and guides them toward the kind of life they want to live. Dr. Cathy was also the Chairman of the Board for the Naperville Chamber of Commerce. She's Naperville's Super Mom, and an inspiration to many!"

Nominated by Ellie Martin

Sep 14

Meet Mary Ann Bobosky

Posted on September 14, 2020 at 9:22 AM by Denise Cartina

HERstory Nomination Mary Ann Bobosky

"It is a pleasure to recognize Dr. Mary Ann 
Bobosky for recognition during Naperville Settlement’s Her Story, a homage to the ‘year of the woman.’ 


While born and raised on a farm in Lisle, Mary Ann has spent most of her married life and professional career dedicated to the best in Naperville and its possibilities.  Her career in Naperville CUSD 203 began as a Title I teacher and then guidance counselor. That career in education expanded to a role in the district office as Director of Community Relations.  In that role she founded the Naperville Education Foundation to support classroom and student growth.  Specifically, she initiated Kid Boosters to support the special needs of students when usual support services are not available.  In her 203 role she also organized business partnerships to foster mutually beneficial relationships between local businesses and all 21 District 203 schools. 


In her role in the community Mary Ann has been an active force in not-for-profits and events too numerous to mention but including Co-chair of Naper Settlement’s Ag Interpretive Center inaugural fundraiserThe Naperville Education FoundationRotaryLoaves and FishesSt. Patrick’s GuildKids MatterThe DuPage Children’s Museum100 Women Who CareThe PEO Sisterhood to support women moving forwardCentury Walk, and supporting her husband Brand’s passion to provide community art. She has also a Member, Naperville Branch AAUW; Past Chair, Naperville Area Chamber of Commerce; Board of Directors, Naperville Bank and Trust. 


Through all this commitment to Naperville Mary Ann has been a devoted mother to her four children, their spouses and 11 grandchildren.  Naperville is fortunate to have Mary Ann Bobosky as a model of women’s roles.  She is an extraordinary community contributor."

Nominated by Sally Pentecost