History Station Virtual Field Trip

3rd, 4th, and 5th Grades 

What to Expect 

The History Station digital field trip experience will take students through our historic grounds and buildings to learn about community transformation from prairie to  city.  Student learning outcomes include: 

  • Describe the overall pattern of settlement in northern Illinois communities, including indigenous removal  
  • Identify individual and community needs and learn about different solutions to the challenges of survival and community formation  
  • Identify differences and similarities between the 19th century and today in land use, work, chores, home and family life, material culture, and leisure time activities  
  • Use primary and secondary resources to construct narratives about the past 
  • Practice historical thinking, using multiple perspectives, analysis of evidence, causes and effects, and ethical reasoning

LIVE Sessions:   
Synchronous learning sessions include real-time facilitation by our museum educator team.  

ON YOUR OWN Sessions:  
Asynchronous learning sessions include teacher and student led discovery of history through videos, virtual images with interactive pop-ups to explore buildings and artifacts, activities, and see primary documents and objects out of the Naper Settlement archive.

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To embark on the field trip, students and teachers will need access to the internet and a computer that has audio and video capabilities. Naper Settlement uses Google Classroom, Canvas, and Zoom as the platforms for our virtual field trip programs.

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Funding for this project was generously provided by the DuPage Foundation

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