Nominate a Naperville Woman or Girl to be Recognized

We bet you know some phenomenal women, or maybe you are one! Naper Settlement is on a mission to tell her story as it happens, while highlighting the contributions women and girls have made -- and continue to make -- to our community.  Submit your HERstory of overcoming obstacles, showcasing leadership, and empowering others.

In conjunction with the centennial anniversary of the 19th Amendment’s passage, the museum will highlight 100 stories of women and girls in 2020. Your story could be featured on Naper Settlement’s museum grounds, in temporary art pieces, at events, or even become a part of our museum collection!

How to Enter:

Female residents of Naperville are encouraged to apply or be nominated.  Tell us how your nominee has has made an impact in the community by overcoming obstacles, showcasing leadership, and/or empowering others. 

Submissions require either a 

  • 250-word written entry 
  • one-minute video entry  

If you have any questions or would like to submit an email nomination, please contact TownCrier@naperville.il.us

Meet Naperville’s Phenomenal Women!

Meet the Naperville women making history right now.  Click on their photo to learn more about HERstory!

Lisa Averill-Latimer


Toni Baumgartner


 Cindy Creevy


Jeannette L. Collazo


Jenny Dawley


Shalini Dixit


Ruth Dow


Carolyn Finzer


Tanesha Lambert


Sue McKenna


Lauren McLaughlin


Liliana Jones- Muñoz


Nefertiti Nowell


Jacqueline Ruiz


Shannon Simonovich


Joyce Wehrli


Sophia Luo

HERstory Nominee Sophia Luo

Samantha Evans

HERstory Nomination Samantha Evans

Anne Cottez-Jones

HERstory Nomination Anne Cottez-Jones

Sara Jane Hendren

HERstory Nomination Sara Jane Hendren

Jabeen Shaik

HERstory Nomination Jabeen Shaik

Dianne McGuire

HERstory Nomination Dianne McGuire

Jelena Sanchez

HERstory Nomination Jelena Sanchez

Rose Peck

HERstory Nomination Rose Peck

Karina Duncker Hoffmann

HERstory Nomination Karina Duncker Hoffmann

Becky Simon

HERstory Nomination Becky Simon

Karyn Ross

HERstory Nomination Karyn Ross

Christy Carter

HERstory Nomination Christy Carter

Grace Arimura

HERstory Nomination Grace Arimura

Sakina Fakhruddin

HERstory Nomination Sakina Fakhruddin

Kelly Sherwood

HERstory Nomination Kelly Sherwood

Ellie Martin

HERstory Nomination Ellie Martin

Lourdes Chew

HERstory Nomination Lourdes Chew

Carrie Noe

HERstory Nomination Carrie Noe

Saily Joshi

HERstory Nomination Saily Joshi

Elisabeth Nuesser

HERstory Nomination Elisabeth Nuesser

Shobha Sankar

HERstory Nomination Shobha Sankar

Andrea Beaty

HERstory Nomination Andrea Beaty

Patty Gustin

HERstory Nomination Patty Gustin

Bettye Weber-Wehrli

HERstory Nomination Bettye Weber-Wehrli

Diane Coppe

HERstory Nomination Diane Coppe

Mary Ann Bobosky

HERstory Nomination Mary Ann Bobosky

Jane Temple

HERstory Nomination Jane Temple

Cathy Subber

HERstory Nomination Cathy Subber

Osie Davenport

HERstory Nomination Osie Davenport

Kimberly White

HERstory Nomination Kimberly White

Marita Valdizan

HERstory Nomination Marita Valdizan

Marge Lyse

HERstory Nomination Marge Lyse

Megan Androwski

HERstory Nomination Megan Androwski

Kim Henderson

HERstory Nomination Kim Henderson

Deborah Venezia

HERstory Nomination Deborah Venezia. Photo by MindiMonroe Productions

Sonali Dev

HERstory Nomination Sonali Dev

June Sochen

HERstory Nomination June Sochen

Erica Katz

HERstory Nomination Erica Katz

Stephanie Penick

HERstory Nomination Stephanie Penick

Mary Lou Wehrli

HERstory Nomination Mary Lou Wehrli

Nicole Finzer

HERstory Nomination Nicole Finzer

Bev Patterson Frier

HERstory Nomination Bev Patterson Frier

Deirdre Read

HERstory Nomination Deirdre Read

Mariam Paré

HERstory Nomination Mariam Pare

Kathryn Peot

HERstory Nomination Kathryn Peot

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is eligible to be nominated? 

Anyone who identifies as a female and is a resident of Naperville  is encouraged to apply or be nominated. 

How many women can I nominate?

There is not a limit to the number of nominations you can submit. However, we ask that you do not submit multiple nominations for the same person. 

Do I have to be a woman to nominate a HERstory to be shared?

No! We encourage everyone to submit nominations for the phenomenal females in their lives. 

What is the timeline for submitting applications and when will I find out if I’ve been selected?

We will do our best to highlight as many women and girls as possible.  Applications will be accepted starting  December 1, 2019  and are open through  November 2020. Dependent on the volume of applications, it may take 1-2 months for the Naper Settlement staff to contact the selected applicants. 

What types of stories are you looking for? 

No HERstory should go uncelebrated! We’re curating all different types of stories and contributions to share throughout 2020 .  We are looking for all types of inspiring stories of overcoming obstacles, showcasing leadership, and empowering others. 

How will the HERstory submissions be featured?

We will be highlighting women and girls on our website, throughout the museum campus, in the community, and online.