Rental Guidelines

Please see our Visitor Policies page for general information regarding Naper Settlement. Contact our Organizational Resources department at 630.420.6010 with any questions concerning the Rental Guidelines below.

Alterations to Rental Spaces

Physical alterations, adjustments, or repairs to Naper Settlement property by renters or guests are prohibited. Decorations must be freestanding.

Decor on Facilities, Fixtures, etc.

In order to preserve the historic architecture and ambient environment within the 13-acre museum complex, Naper Settlement does not permit attachment, fastening, or affixing of any materials to any of its buildings (exterior or interior), trees, landscape materials, or ancillary site features (i.e. signs, fences, lamp posts, etc.). This includes no attachments or fastening of any kind, including but not limited to nailing, drilling, boring, screwing, taping, stapling, bolting, pinning, chaining, tacking, clipping, or wiring.

Other Decorative Accessories

Flower petals (natural, dried or silk) and balloons are prohibited in the Chapel.  Bubble blowing is not allowed inside the Naper Settlement building(s) and items such as confetti, party poppers, birdseed, etc. are not allowed anywhere on the grounds.

Animals & Pets

No animals or pets are allowed in buildings or on the grounds, except service animals.


Shirts and shoes are required in all buildings and on the grounds.

Building Access & Climate Controls

Only Settlement staff will handle the opening of windows and doors in buildings or any climate control adjustments.


Please contact our Organizational Resources department at 630.420.6010 for the cancellation policies.

Clean-Up & Tear Down

The Renter is responsible for cleanup and tear down.

Food, Beverages, & Alcohol

Food and drink are prohibited in any area outside the Naper Settlement building(s) and the catering kitchen, unless pre-approved by Naper Settlement. There shall be no sale of food, beverages and/or alcohol, including communion, at Naper Settlement, except in the case of a Large-Scale Event Rental.

Food Service

The service of food, beverages and alcohol, unless pre-approved by Naper Settlement,  is restricted to:

  • Naper Settlement Approved Caterers only, who possess the proper licenses and certificates of insurance that hold harmless Naper Settlement, the City of Naperville, and Naperville Heritage Society; 
  • approved catering sites in specified Naper Settlement building(s) and locations;
  • during the hours of the rental only

Kitchen Use

Use of the kitchen is permitted only for heating food or keeping it cold. No major food preparation will take place on the premises. Utensils and supplies for food service are provided by the selected Caterer (from Naper Settlement’s approved list) and is not the responsibility of Naper Settlement.

Supplies & Equipment

 The Renter and/or the Renter’s vendors are responsible for providing their own supplies and equipment. These must be delivered and removed during the contracted period. The Settlement and the Naperville Heritage Society are not responsible for lost, stolen or damaged rental equipment. 

Open Flames

Candles or any open flames are prohibited in the Naper Settlement building(s), including birthday candles.  For rentals inside Century Memorial Chapel, a dripless unity or memorial candle and two dripless side tapers are permitted.


Parking is permitted in the Porter Avenue parking lot and on Webster Street. (Please observe posted time restrictions.) The Pre-Emption House Visitor Center parking lot is not available due to Century Memorial Chapel rentals. Overflow parking is available off of Aurora Avenue in the Municipal Center lot after 5 p.m. during weekdays and anytime during weekends.


Public restrooms are available for the Renter's use and will be stocked by Naper Settlement.


Smoking is prohibited in any buildings or structures.

Touring of the Buildings

Touring the inside of the Naper Settlement buildings during public hours is not permitted for rental guests unless admission tickets are purchased or special arrangements have been made with Naper Settlement.

Vehicles on the Grounds

When pre-approved vehicles are on the grounds, they MUST remain on the roadways and observe the 5 mph speed limit at all times.