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Naper Settlement
523 S. Webster Street
Naperville, IL 60540

Phone: 630.420.6010
Fax: 630.305.4044
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Business Hours

8:30 AM-4:30 PM

Name Title Phone Number
Executive Office    
Rena Tamayo-Calabrese President & CEO 630.305.5251
Harriet Pistorio Chief Operating Officer 630.305.5257
Donna Sack Vice President, Chief Program Officer 630.420.6776
Diane Fornek Administrative Specialist 630.420.6011
Curatorial Department    
Christine McNulty Chief Curator  630.420.6014 
Dina Spoerl  Exhibits Team Leader 630.305.5372
Andrea Field Curator of History 630.305.5259
Sarah Buhlig Registrar 630.548.1115
Scott Pitol Digital Curator 630.305.7020
Finance Department    
Director of Finance 630.305.5256
Ashley Amanti Financial Specialist II 630.420.6691
Daniel Allegretti Finance/HR Specialist I 630.305.7063
Learning Experiences Department    
Jeanne Schultz Angel Associate Vice President  630.305.5252
Jessica Toran Learning Experiences Team Leader 630.420.6015
Amber Foster Site Experiences Senior Team Leader 630.420.6778
Rachel Christian Museum Educator 630.305.5557
Ernie Klapmeier Museum Educator 630.305.5557
Nora Wickman Museum Educator 630.305.5557
Claire Svehla Museum Educator 630.305.5557
Angelina Tsakopoulos Museum Educator 630.305.5557
Robbie Rafanelli Museum Educator 630.305.5557
Delecia Huitt Museum Educator 630.305.5557
Jacob Barrett Museum Educator 630.305.5557
Marketing Department    
Brittany Tepper Director of Marketing 630.420.6017
Jared Stahl Design & Marketing Team Leader 630.305.6230
Denise Cartina Public Relations & Social Media Team Leader 630.305.5250
Organizational Resources    
Eric Arrambide Director of Operations 630.420.6016
Sharon Bennett Hinkle Senior Team Leader of Buildings & Grounds 630.420.4111
Rudy Nocon Senior Team Leader of Buildings & Grounds 630.514.8513
Patty Paterek Senior Team Leader of Guest Services 630.420.4161
Amy Mirocha Guest Services Representative 630. 305. 5258
Michaela Hagen Guest Services Representative 630.420.6104
Melissa Huffman Guest Services Representative 630.305.5254
Barbara Cudone Guest Services Representative - Rental Attendant 630.420.6010
Emily Kittell Guest Services Representative - Rental Attendant 630.420.6010
Etrina Atterberry Guest Services Representative - Rental Attendant 630.420.6010
Adison Glick Special Events Senior Team Leader 630.420.6773
Jillian Hardt Events Specialist 630.420.6771
Nicole Hays Corporate Relations & Sponsorship Team Leader 630.305.7048
Development Department    
Julie Nelligan Director of Development 630.305.5253
Kim Grazulis Development Associate  630.305.3535

Gifts Officer 630.305.5929

Illinois Public Act 097-0609 (5 ILCS 120-7.3) effective Jan. 1, 2012 requires that municipal employers participating in the Illinois Municipal Retirement Fund post employee compensation information.