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July 2017

Heydon Cabinet Cards


Heydon Cabinet Card

These photographs, known as cabinet cards, date to 1894 and show Adra Ann Heydon, daughter of Naperville bakery owner Charles Heydon, wearing a dress and hat made from satin Pillsbury flour sacks as an advertisement for her father’s bakery.

Charles Heydon opened his bakery in Naperville in 1887. The bakery was located on Jefferson Avenue in downtown Naperville. Since Charles was Pillsbury’s sole agent in Naperville he decided to take advantage of a promotion that Pillsbury had used at the 1893 World’s Fair in Chicago using the satin flour sacks.

    Adra Ann was photographed by the Kendig Studio in Naperville.

Come see the dress and hat on display in the “Brushstrokes of the Past: Naperville's Story” exhibition in the Pre-Emption House.


Heydon Cabinet Card           




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