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April 2017

Better Homes and Gardens Idea Home

Better Homes and Gardens   

This issue of Better Homes and Gardens is from September 1955. Featured on the front cover is the “Idea Home of the Year,” featuring a model home that was built in many cities in the United States and Canada. There were more than 100 built, with five built in Illinois, including one built in Naperville in the Green Acres subdivision. The houses were built and furnished using local businesses. Better Homes and Gardens had an “Idea Home of the Year” issue for a number of years in the 1950s.

The Idea Home was created to give people ideas for building their own homes, or ideas for remodeling, decorating or landscaping their existing homes. House plans (for Five Star Home 2509) were available in several versions, and could be built in stages, with additions added later, or built completely from the start.

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