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January 2017

Naperville Nurseries Catalog 

Naperville Nurseries Catalog   The Naperville Nurseries was started by Ernst Von Oven in 1866. It was located between Aurora Avenue and Oswego Road, and on part of the soccer field north of the Von Oven Scout camp on West Street.

During its many years of operation, the nursery supplied Naperville and the nation with fruit and ornamental trees, shrubs and plants.

Ernst died in 1906 and the nursery continued under the direction of his son Frederick and two daughters, Emma and Helene. By 1931 Frederick and Helene had died, and Emma continued to run the nursery until her death in 1960, having stopped retail operations in 1950 and running the nursery as a wholesale operation for the last ten years.

This seed catalog dates to 1931.           


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