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September 2016

Kroehler Manufacturing Company Propeller & Rifle Sling Pad

Kroehler Manufacturing Company was founded in Naperville in 1915 and grew into the world’s largest furniture company with plants in the United States and Canada (Kroehler closed its doors in 1978).

Starting in 1942, and throughout the rest of World War II, all Kroehler plants were converted to war work. Employees switched from regular work to producing items for the war effort. The Naperville plant made chairs, settees, file cabinets, airplane seats, rucksacks, dummy shells, target plane propellers, shipping trays, folding chairs, life preserver cushions, cable drums, camp tables, map cases, wardrobes, knapsacks, tool kits, ammunition boxes and artificial limbs.

This wooden airplane propeller and rifle sling pad are examples of items that were made as part of Kroehler’s war work during World War II.

Propeller and Sling Pad 


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