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Testimonials from our Brides

Dominic and Amy Aveyard
October 12 2013

Why did you chose Naper Settlement?
We chose Naper Settlement because my parents got married there in 1982, so it had sentimental value.

What was your favorite part of getting married at Naper Settlement?
The staff at Naper Settlement was my absolute favorite part! Becca made everything so easy and effortless, and Andi made the week of our wedding so much less stressful than I thought it would be. I detailed all of this in a yelp review in October, if you need even more details:

A piece of advice for newly engaged couples or newlyweds?
A piece of advice we'd give is to talk, talk, talk. Communicating with each other is the best way to craft a wedding that is what both of you envision. My husband wasn't interested in the nitty gritty details, but put his foot down with his choice of photographer and musical selections. By letting him help plan, we had a day that both of us thought was perfect!


Photographer- Candice C. Cusic Photography

Justin and Ashley Stech
December 29, 2012

Why did you chose Naper Settlement?
Naper Settlement is dear to us because we met as coworkers in September 2010. It wasn't until after Ashley left for other employment that we started dating, but the grounds will always be the place our relationship took root. Plus, it doesn't hurt that the grounds are beautiful in all seasons.

What was your favorite part of getting married at Naper Settlement?
Besides the fact that Naper Settlement holds many memories for us, part of the reason we chose to get married in December was because the chapel is so wonderfully decorated for the season. The chapel is a gorgeous location already, and the history of both the building and the Settlement that sprang up around it makes it such a unique venue.

Piece of advice for newly engaged couples or newlyweds?
Planning a wedding is infamously stressful; it can be easy to forget that a wedding is just the beginning. Plus, it's a big party with all your friends and family! With that in mind, we thoroughly enjoyed our wedding day, and I would encourage all couples to strive to do the same!               

Jennifer Shaffer Photography
Carl and Kate Schultz
September 7, 2013

Why did you chose Naper Settlement?
We knew right away that Naper Settlement was the right place for us. We wanted a smaller, more intimate setting for our ceremony. We love and appreciate history, and we wanted our ceremony location to reflect that. A Naperville location was also a must. We met in Naperville and felt very strongly that we wanted to exchange vows in the city where our relationship started.

What was your favorite part of getting married at Naper Settlement?
We loved the look and feel of the chapel and the mood it set for our ceremony. To us, history is all about honoring the story of our shared past. Our marriage is an important chapter in our story, and to be able to write that chapter in a very historical setting really set the scene and provided that small, intimate environment we were seeking.

Piece of advice for newly engaged couples or newlyweds?
For a newly engaged couple, we recommend making sure to take time and just revel in being engaged! It’s important to start planning for the big day, but it’s equally as important to simply celebrate being engaged to one another. As you do begin the planning process, remember that this is a team effort. You and your partner should divvy up tasks and make decisions as a team. After all, you’ll be doing the same thing for the rest of your lives, so why not start now? As you continue planning, make sure you visit the venues you’re interested in and see them firsthand. Most importantly, remember that you’re ultimately not planning a wedding – you’re preparing for a marriage. When the wedding day is but a mere memory, you’ll be glad if you focused more on preparing for a life together with your spouse rather than throwing a really big party. Perspective is key!
Brittany Bekas Photography

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