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2019 School’s Out Day Camps

NS_Earthday_120lr.jpgChildren in grades 1-5 will enjoy their day off school having fun in these fabulous programs!               

School’s Out Day Camp – 1960s Throwback 
Monday, January 21  

Travel back to the 1960s for a day of far-out fun! Decode groovy slang, watch The Brady Bunch clips and early superhero cartoons, make love beads, and build a space ship. Play with ‘60s toys and games, then complete the day by learning about Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and why school’s out today.                       

School’s Out Day Camp – Invention Dimension - CLOSED
Monday, February 18       

Explore inventions through time!  Try out some inventions from the past: dial a rotary phone, type on an electric typewriter, listen to vinyl records, and hear stories about early TV.  Design your own invention and “apply” for a patent. Learn about famous inventors’ trials and errors. Compare modern inventions with those from the 1800s in our historic buildings.

School’s Out Day Camp – Dr. Seuss Day 
Friday, March 1

Celebrate Dr. Seuss’s 115th birthday with a day of zany rhymes, sneedles, and whos! Read and share your favorite Dr. Seuss books. Play with ooblek, craft the cat’s hat, create creatures, write rhymes, and discover Ted Seuss Geisel, the man behind these beloved stories. 

School’s Out Day Camp – Extreme Animals 
Monday, March 25

Discover the biggest, fastest, smartest, and most amazing animals! Learn how animals have helped humans throughout history, watch clips of famous TV animals, create a habitat and sculpt your favorite animal. Play animal games then relax with a worm snack! 



Time: 9:00 am - 3:00 pm 
Drop-off begins at 8:30 am

Cost: $45/program or $40/program when registering for multiple dates at the same time.
Reservations are required. Please call 630.420.6010.

If cancelling for any reason, Naper Settlement will retain $15 per single program.

No refund will be given for a cancellation made within two weeks of the program start date (14 days) of program date.



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