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 General Information 

 Volunteer Information  Wedding Services
 Naper Settlement    Century Memorial Chapel
 523 S. Webster St.      523 S. Webster St.
 Naperville, IL 60540-6517                               Naperville, IL 60540-6517
 Phone: 630.420.6010  Phone: 630.420.6010  Phone: 630.420.6010
 Fax: 630.305.4044  Fax: 630.305.4044  Fax: 630.305.4044 
 E-Mail: General Information  E-Mail: Volunteer Information      E-Mail: Wedding Services    
 Naper Settlement's Business Hours: Monday-Friday 8:30 a.m.-4:30 p.m.

 Name/E-Mail Title Phone
 Executive Office     
 Macarena (Rena) Tamayo- Calabrese  President and CEO  630.305.5251
 Debbie Grinnell  Vice President, Museum Services   630.305.7063
 Harriet Pistorio  Vice President, Organizational Resources  630.305.5257
 Josh Chartier  Director of Organizational Resources  630.305.5256
 Sharon Bennett Hinkle  Director of Buildings & Grounds  630.420.4111
 Christine Jepsen  Director of Financial Services  630.305.7048
 Nancy Smith  Director of Learning Experiences  630.420.6776
 Louise Howard  Chief Curator
 Kevin Bixenmann  Financial Analyst  630.420.6771
 Jennifer Bridge   Curator of Exhibits and Interpretation        630.305.5259
 Sarah Buhlig  Registrar  630.548.1115
 Casey Carroll  Museum Educator  630.305.5557
 Rachel Christian  Museum Educator  630.305.5557
 Donna DeFalco  Marketing and Sales Representative  630.305.5250
 Michelle Demtschenko  Guest Services Representative  630.420.6104
 Anna Di Cosola  Learning Experiences Coordinator  630.305.5252
   Special Events Coordinator  630.420.6773
 Ginia Goggio  Development Officer  630.420.6016
 Tom Golden  Buildings & Grounds Support  630.327.0559
   Guest Services Representative  630.420.6010
   Museum Educator  630.305.5557
 Namita Jain  Financial Specialist  630.305.5258
 Ernie Klapmeier  Museum Educator  630.305.5557
 Katie Klemchuk  Museum Educator  630.305.5557
 Terri Kostal  Executive Secretary  630.420.6011
 Cindy Lackore  Lead Museum Educator  630.420.6778
 Rudy Nocon  Building and Grounds Support  630.514.8513
 Mary Anne Obal  Museum Educator  630.305.5557
 Bryan Ogg  Curator of Research  630.305.3535
 Patty Paterek  Guest Services Team Leader  630.420.4161
 Amanda Paszek  Guest Services Representative  630.420.6010
 Andi Pevitz  Guest Services Representative  630.420.6010
 James Privitt  Guest Services Representative  630.420.6010
 Amy Ramsland  Museum Educator  630.305.5557
 Colleen Stanek  Museum Educator  630.305.5557
 Justin Stech  Museum Educator  630.305.5557
 Melissa Sweeney  Guest Services Representative  630.420.6010
 Cheri Tompkins  Marketing and Sales Representative  630.305.6230

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