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Volunteers & Donors
Blacksmith Shop
Volunteers and Donors

Donations of Services, Supplies and Equipment by
Henry J. Wohead Family
Charles Kanney
Naperville Heritage Society
Pembroke Green Homeowners' Association 1981-1982

Donations also made by
Burlington Northern Railroad
Area West
Carleton Nadelhoffer
City of Naperville
Dan Lauing
Gauger and Brucher
Gregory Electric
Henry Sheehan
Tullen Collection
Tom Kuhrt
Naperville Excavating

Volunteer Project Chairman
Les Schrader

Contributing volunteers
Jim Christopher
Al Harris
Elv Carlson
Ed Hollowed
Mike Garlich
Carl Schaefer
John Hieronymous
Max Harbach
Tom Bursh
Jack Powell
Dick Moll
John Kotaska
Bob Paxton
Harold Huth

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