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Martin Mitchell Mansion
In 1883, George Martin II commissioned the design and construction of a two-story, 12-room brick residence. By the summer of 1884, Martin and his wife, Sibelia, moved into their new home with their daughters, Elizabeth, Katherine and Caroline. They named the home Pinecraig.

Pinecraig, designed by Aurora architect James Mulvey, was situated on Locust Hill, a small rise just south of the DuPage River at the Eagle Street crossing. Built of brick and stone, it showcased the products of Martin's limestone and brickwork businesses. Its architectural style is best described as Victorian Eclectic, for stylistic features appear from at least six different periods.

Public Park
The 200 acres of open land surrounding Pinecraig and its attendant Carriage House, were originally farmed by the family but have dramatically changed through the years. The fields to the west are now Naperville Central High School; to the north is Aurora Avenue and the Riverwalk; and to the south is a school parking lot. In 1936, the acreage to the east became known as Martin Park when Caroline Martin Mitchell, the family's sole survivor, bequeathed the property upon her death to the City of Naperville to be used as a museum and public park. The Naperville Heritage Society began creating Naper Settlement on the public park grounds in the early 1970s.

National Register of Historic Places
The Martin Mitchell Mansion is listed on the National Register of Historic Places and stands tall in the records of our nation's heritage as a fine example of truly American architecture. The mansion's exterior and interior spaces underwent a complete restoration as part of the Naperville Heritage Society's Capital Improvement Project.
Martin Mitchell Mansion  Martin Mitchell Mansion  Martin Mitchell Mansion
Martin Mitchell Mansion  Martin Mitchell Mansion  Martin Mitchell Mansion
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