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Naperville's First Bandstand
The rhythmic sounds of band music have been as integral a part of the history of Naperville as the history of our nation. That fact was commemorated by the Naperville Heritage Society when it constructed an exact replica of Naperville's first bandstand, originally located in downtown Central Park.

The original bandstand was built in 1885 at a cost of $135. Although built as a speaker's stand, it was used by the Naperville Light Guard Band for musical performances. It was torn down in the mid-1920s and replaced with a band shell, which is now the location of the Community Concert Center.
Bandstand  Bandstand
Using historic photographs and maps as guides, the reproduction bandstand was built in 1979 at a cost of $15,000. Through the assistance of then-mayor Chester Rybicki, members of the business community contributed generously for the reconstruction project. Contributors included:
  • Bank of Naperville
  • Bruno Benedetti and Sons
  • Gus Kapellas
  • Hamer Enterprises
  • Hazdra Homes
  • Naperville National Bank
  • Naperville Savings and Loan Association
  • Richard Smykal Inc.
  • Springwood Builders

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