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Murray Building
Original Building
The Murray Building, built in the 1840s, is listed in the Library of Congress as a historic landmark. The house originally stood in the center of town on South Main Street in Naperville, IL.

Home and Business
The Murray Building earned its nickname in the community from two of its early owners, John Murray and his son, Robert Murray. Several Naperville families called it home from the 1840s through the 1960s. Local residents also rented the Murray Building as a commercial space in downtown Naperville. Murray Building business tenants included a barber and a tailor. For over forty years the building served as a law office for Naperville attorneys, including Merritt S. Hobson.

After being moved twice in downtown Naperville, it was eventually moved to Naper Settlement on July 27, 1971, for its permanent home. Ironically enough, the building received central heat for the first time as a museum building. Although used as a residence, the building never had plumbing until its final relocation.

Murray Building Murray Building
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