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In late July 1978, the Naperville Heritage Society moved another building onto the Naper Settlement grounds. This 19th-century structure, originally located on North Webster Street, served as a storehouse for merchandise as well as for the horse-drawn wagon of a candy wholesaler. Since any available empty barn or outbuilding was used to house 19th-century firefighting equipment, this building was deemed appropriate for relocation to the settlement grounds.

Early Fire Response
Prior to the establishment of a fire department, Napervillians depended upon the bucket brigade system. In 1874, Naperville purchased its first fire engine, a hand pumper, called the Joe Naper Pumper. The first great fire in which the pumper was used occurred on Friday, December 18, 1874, six days after its purchase. At that time, the post office, express office and other buildings on Main Street south of Jefferson burned. It was said that the newly organized fire department made noble efforts to stop the deadly fire on its first call with the Joe Naper Pumper. The pumper has been restored and is in working order at Naper Settlement.

Mr. and Mrs. Harold Moser generously provided the funding for the entire restoration project.
Fire House  Fire House  Joe Naper Pumper
Joe Naper Pumper

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