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Stonecarver’s Shop
Building Use & Operation
The Stonecarver's Shop was operated by Henry B. Miller in the latter part of the 19th century. Miller, born Heinrich Muller in Steinan-Hessen, Germany, in 1863, came to Naperville in 1879. He remained in Naperville for one year before going to Lemont to cut stone, marble and granite to develop his trade. In 1884, he returned to Naperville and established his business.

Miller made his living carving hearths, fireplace mantles and gravestones for early Naperville residents. It's likely that the limestone Miller used came from local quarries, as quarrying was a major industry in Naperville through the early 20th century. The shop building was eventually sold in 1912 to the Yenders, who were relatives of Miller, and was used as a tailor shop. Later yet, the building became home to Andy's Popcorn Stand.

Historian and folk artist Les Schrader, along with an able crew, was instrumental in the building's restoration. In restoring the building, Miller's name was discovered written on four of the walls.
Stonecarver's Shop  Stonecarver's Shop  Stonecarver's Shop
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