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Parlor Games
Parlor games were a fun way to pass the time with friends and family in the days before television, computers and video games. (The parlor was the best room in the house where the family would receive company.) Turn off the TV and try some of these old-fashioned games. Notice that a couple of the games might work for a Valentine’s Day party.

Players decide on a letter of the alphabet that will be “taboo,” or forbidden in the game. One player is chosen to be IT. In turn, the other players ask IT questions whose answers might force him to use the forbidden letter. The game continues until IT uses the forbidden letter. Then a new IT is chosen and a new round is played. 
In a more difficult version of the game, IT is required to reply in a complete sentence without using the taboo letter.

Players decide on a letter of the alphabet. The first player says “Cupid’s leaving.” The second player asks “How?” The first player must reply with a verb that starts with the letter and ends in “ing.”  For example, if the letter was “W,” the first player might respond “whistling.” Then the second player says “Cupid’s leaving” and the third player asks “How?” The game continues until someone misses. Then choose a new letter and begin a new round.

This game would work well as a mixer because each player has to ask questions of the others to play. Upon arrival, each player has a heart stuck to his or her back with the name of one member of a famous couple written upon it. The game is played like 20 Questions by asking other players yes or no questions. The same person cannot be asked two questions in succession. Sample questions are “Am I still alive?,”  “Am I female?,”  “Am I English?” After determining one’s own identity, the player must then locate the partner.  Examples of famous couples are Adam and Eve, Antony and Cleopatra, and modern day couples like Superman and Lois Lane could also be used.

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