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hoops and gracesHoops and Graces

Hoops and Graces is an indoor parlor game that was popular during the antebellum period, but it can be played outdoors as well. The name comes from the hoops used in play, and the graceful movements that are necessary for a successful game. It's easy to play!

Look at the craft link for information on how to make your own game pieces, and follow the rules of the game below!

How to Play the Game:
Each player needs two wands, one for each hand. One player holds the hoop by placing it on his or her two wands. Holding the wands so that the ends are crossed, making an "X," the player quickly pulls the wands apart, forcing the hoop into the air. The hoop should be launched in the direction of another player, whose task it is to catch the hoop on his or her own wands as it flies through the air. This second player then launches the hoop to the next player. Play continues in this fashion. The game may be played just for fun, or may be played for points. In this case, players should agree on a period of time for the game, and whoever catches the hoop successfully the most times during that period is the winner.

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