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Did you know that the full moons have names?
Native American tribes named the moons according to what was happening in nature during that particular season. The Farmer’s Almanac lists the following names for the full moon of each month.

January is the Wolf Moon named for the wolves that roamed in packs searching for food in the snows of winter. The Cherokee called this the cold moon.

February is the Snow Moon since the heaviest snows usually fall in this month. 

March is the Worm Moon because the ground thaws and earthworms reappear.

April is the Pink Moon named for the blossoming of early spring wildflowers.

May is the Flower Moon. It is also called the Planting moon.

June is the Strawberry Moon since the berries ripen that month.

July is the Buck Moon because normally the new antlers of buck deer begin to show during this month. 

August is the Sturgeon Moon since these fish were most readily caught at this time.

September is the Harvest Moon because corn, pumpkins, squash, beans and wild rice are now ready to be harvested.

October is the Hunter’s Moon. Deer and other animals have fattened up over the summer, and plant life is dying revealing their habitats.

November is the Beaver Moon indicating time to set the beaver taps before the swamps freeze.

December is the Cold Moon when the winter cold arrives to stay.

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